So you’re ready to take the first step in your legal career. No doubt you have a lot of questions:

Will I get hands-on experience and see the impact of my work?
Will I get to try different areas of law?
Will I learn fast and be able to make a difference?
Will I be treated as an individual?
Will I make great friends and have fun?
Will I still have a life?


We focus on building strong commercially minded lawyers who work closely with clients to understand their challenges and opportunities, and add value to their businesses. So you may be on the floor of a client’s factory, in court, in a client’s head office or front and centre at a mediation.

Our graduates complete 4 three-month rotations through a variety of commercial law practice areas to give you the opportunity to see what you enjoy and where you would like to focus your career longer term.  This is your year so make the most of it!

We don’t expect you to know it all already. In fact, your development is a key priority for us. You have access to unique professional development as part of the Macpherson Kelley Business School including Business Bootcamps with practical scenarios and case studies, mentoring and regular feedback.

Many of our current Principal Lawyers started their careers with us as graduates. We believe in promotion on merit and providing our lawyers with the practical skills so they can build a practice and become a Principal Lawyer.

In addition, we provide you with:

  • An extensive induction and on boarding program
  • Mentoring and coaching including a buddy who will help you transition into your new role
  • Regular feedback on how you are going
  • Exposure to clients via meetings, mediation and events
  • Opportunity to build your career
  • A heap of fun activities – social, sporting and community focused events
  • A really down to earth and flexible workplace culture

Still thinking about your future? Your future is here!


Am I a good fit for Macpherson Kelley?

When you consider how different each and every one of our employees is, it’s not an easy question to answer but for everything that’s different about our people – there are a few things you will find in all of them.

They’re commercial, energetic, ambitious, entrepreneurial, confident and hands-on. They talk straight, are pragmatic and get involved. Getting involved is important at our firm. There are no ringside seats available. It’s these things that make each one of us a fit for Macpherson Kelley.

Does the Graduate Program vary from state to state?

Ever so slightly, though our graduate program is truly national.


The Victorian Graduate Program is a 12 month rotation across a range of practice areas exposing you to a variety of different commercial law experiences. In 2020 we will have graduates based in both our Dandenong and Melbourne offices.

Our Victorian graduates complete Supervised Legal Training (SLT) that allows for practical on-the-job training.

New South Wales

2020 will see our first intake of graduates to the Macpherson Kelley office in Sydney.

Much the same as Victoria and Queensland, our New South Wales based graduates will complete 4 rotations over the 12 month period and will be enrolled in the College of Law PLT course.


Aligning with the other states and completing a 12 month program that is in line with the QLS guidelines, our Brisbane graduates will experience the full suite of commercial practice areas we offer.

What do you look for in Graduate Applications?

We are interested in who you are and the individual strengths you can bring to Macpherson Kelley. We do not look to fill a particular mould.

We recruit employees from a diverse range of backgrounds who we think exemplify our core values

  • Talk Straight
  • Play as a Team
  • Better Each Day

What will make my application stand out?

When reviewing applications, we focus on the below:

  • A desire to pursue a career in commercial law and demonstrate commercial awareness
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • A balanced life. We want to see part time employment throughout your studies and your interests outside of law
  • Solid academic results
  • A proven ability to work effectively in a team

What should my application include?

To apply you will be required to answer a few screening questions and upload the below documents:

  • A brief cover letter outlining your interests and suitability for a position at Macpherson Kelley
  • A current CV outlining work experience, extra-curricular activities, academic and non-academic achievements
  • A current academic transcript
  • If you were referred to the graduate program by someone already at the firm please include their details in your application

Any other application tips?
  • Tell us why you are interested in working with us and what attracted you to Macpherson Kelley
  • Show us you’ve done research on the firm
  • Summarise your key skills, interests, extra-curricular activities and work experience
  • Always check your application carefully for formatting, spelling and grammatical errors
  • Make sure you get your application in on time—allow time for any technical problems

Sounds great! What's the recruitment process from here?


Careers Fair Thursday, 11 July 2019
Melbourne Room, Level 2, Melbourne Convention Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf
Applications Open Friday 9 August 2019
Applications Close Sunday 18 August 2019
Video Interviews Friday 23 August to Monday 26 August 2019
Assessment Centre Tuesday 3 September to Wednesday 4 September
Interviews Tuesday 10 September to Monday 16 September 2019
Offers Friday 20 September 2019

New South Wales

Careers Fair                  Friday, 29 March 2019
                 International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Drive, Darling Harbour, Sydney
Applications Open                  Tuesday 24 September 2019
Applications Close                   Friday 4 October 2019
Video Interviews                  Wednesday 9 October to Sunday 13 October 2019
Assessment Centre                  Tuesday 22 October 2019
Interviews                  Thursday 24 October & Friday 25 October 2019
Offers                  Tuesday 29 October 2019


Career Fair Monday, 25 March 2019
Plaza Level, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Corner Merivale and Glenelg Streets, South Bank, Brisbane
Applications Open Monday 5 August 2019
Applications Close Monday 19 August 2019
Video Interviews Thursday 22 August to Sunday 25 August 2019
Assessment Centre Thursday 29 August
Interviews Thursday 5 September to Friday 6 September 2019
Offers Monday 16 September 2019

Any advice for the Video Interview/Assessment Centre/Final Interview?

Just be yourself and relax. We want you to meet our people and find out more about us! That way, you make a decision on whether we are the right firm for you.

Be ready and willing to try anything! Think of our values and how you could display them during this process.

Prepare for your interview:

  • Be across recent news about the firm, clients, competitors and areas in which we work
  • Practice for the interview with friends or family
  • Read through your initial application before your interview to refresh your memory
  • Be punctual
  • Be honest, try to relax and be yourself
  • Make eye contact with the interviewers; try not to fidget, it can be distracting
  • Emphasise your strengths and potential, not your shortcomings
  • Prepare some questions that you really want to know the answers to