Workers Comp: Stopping the claims + reducing your premium

Duration: 3 hours
Max Participants: 15

Changes to the Victorian Workers Compensation Legislation (the WIRC Act) have made the management of workers compensation more complex.

The development of case law around adverse action; the new bulling jurisdiction, and the frightening developments in discrimination law mean organisations must rethink how they manage injuries in the workplace.

This session will focus on how to:

• stop or terminate claims;
• reduce your workers compensation premium;
• improve the health, happiness and productivity of your organisation whilst reducing head-count; and
• integrate operations HR, OHS and the workers compensation claims manager into a team that always wins.

What will be covered?

• How workers’ compensation interacts with other workplace laws and practice
• How to identify injury risk
• What is the best practice intervention
• What is wellbeing and how to introduce it as a foundation to the process
• How to understand monthly and annually the impact of injuries your premium and strategies to reduce it
• What are the core policies and procedures you will need to make it work
• A booklet that assists you in working through complex workers compensation problems with the best results
• How to get organisational buy-in to this strategy and process

Who could benefit?

• HR/OHS Managers and Consultants
• Senior Operations Employees
• Small Business Owners

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