Online tool for Private Clients simplifies engaging a lawyer

A new way of engaging with clients seeking help with Family Law and Wills and Estates issues has been introduced by Macpherson Kelley.

Clients can now use an online tool, created by legal software firm Settify, to input personal information that can be used by Macpherson Kelley lawyers to help identify issues they need assistance with.

The tool takes users through a series of questions, whether they be related to a Family Law issue or a Wills and Estates matter, to provide a snapshot of the user’s current situation and what they want to happen.

By completing the questionnaire, Macpherson Kelley lawyers can identify and focus on specific issues the client needs help with, helping to reduce the amount of time needed for consultation and potentially saving the client costs.

“We know that issues around Family Law and estate planning can be stressful so we hope this tool will help smooth the process of engaging a lawyer for our clients,” said Family Law Principal Lawyer Brendan Herbert.

The questionnaire for Family Law and Wills and Estates can be accessed here.