Workplace Relations principal Andrew Douglas speaks to The Age about ‘sorting the sick from the shirkers’

Source: The Age

Author: Sylvia Pennington

Are you working double shifts while your employees succumb to winter ills? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether the hacking cough and feeble tones on the latest voice mail message from a staffer who’s laid up frequently weren’t a touch overdone?

Have a straightforward policy 

…Ensuring staff don’t abuse personal leave starts with having a straightforward policy, according to Macpherson Kelley Lawyers workplace relations specialist Andrew Douglas.

“[It] should tell people you can take sick leave for these reasons, state the evidence that is required, the effect of not providing that evidence when requested to do so and that’s it,” Mr Douglas says.

It shouldn’t be necessary to go hard on the enforcement front, unless it’s evident a staffer is taking the proverbial, Mr Douglas says.

“If someone starts to embark on a process of having more than usual sick leave, take them back to the policy and then say, ‘from now on, this is what I require from you’,” he says….

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