Following in her father’s footsteps, Sofia Lozanova has wanted to be a lawyer since she was young, getting her strong work ethic and passion for the law from him.

Working with business owners, significantly in the franchising space, Sofia enjoys the human element of her work. Knowing her clients are emotionally as well as financially invested in the business, she is motivated to work hard to achieve successful commercial outcomes for them. For Sofia it’s not just about going through the process and ticking all the boxes, she wants to add value to her clients’ businesses.

Acting in all manner of dispute work, Sofia’s commercial mindset and calming presence can mean the difference between a clear, strategic way forward or a costly litigation.

“My clients say that I am a good operator – I get the job done but at the same time, I am open and honest with them. I really focus on taking the logical steps, guiding my clients through their matter.”

Significant matters

Multi-million dollar development settlement – Sofia was part of the team representing the liquidators of an owner/landlord company in a complex, multifaceted and multi-party Supreme Court proceeding. Ultimately, the proceeding involved a tenant, the liquidators, the mortgagee, a third party purchaser/developer and its financiers. At the heart of the dispute was the liquidators’ decision to disclaim the tenant’s lease. Through heated negotiations held before a former Federal Court judge, all parties involved were able to settle the dispute. This result meant the clients’ decision to disclaim the lease would be valid and could no longer be challenged. It also meant a multi-million dollar contract of sale could proceed and the creditors of the company would receive dividends over and above what they would have otherwise received.

Swift recovery under a receivership – Sofia assisted a receiver to recover a tax debt in excess of $300,000 from a taxpayer who had defaulted under the terms of a Deed of Settlement. Acting swiftly, Sofia served a Notice of Appointment and a Letter of Demand on the taxpayer and two individual guarantors, putting them on notice of the receiver’s power to take possession of the property and to sell it to recover the debt. In less than a month, Sofia was able to negotiate and reach an agreement with the taxpayer’s solicitors where the entire debt would be paid within 30 days. Thanks to Sofia, the receiver was able to report to the ATO that the payment had been received in full and without the need to incur further legal costs.

Franchisor enforces restraint of trade – Sofia was called upon to prepare an urgent injunction application on behalf of a franchisor who was seeking to enforce their restraint of trade provisions under a Franchise Agreement. Sofia, understanding the importance of this application, worked under immense pressure and extremely tight timeframes to prepare the application that was successfully made to the Supreme Court. The parties were ordered to attend mediation where the matter was ultimately settled by the ex-franchisee agreeing to provide certain court undertakings regarding the return and destruction of the franchisor’s confidential information, and restraining themselves from trading within the restraint area and period. Achieving this result was extremely important for the franchisor as it set a precedent for other franchisees in the network and allowed the franchisor’s brand to flourish without the same issue occurring again.

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe University

  • General commercial litigation
  • Franchising disputes
  • Leasing disputes: retail and commercial
  • Insolvency
  • Property disputes
  • General debt recovery

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