Grey Matters: How do we manage our aging workforce?

Duration: 3 hours
Max Participants: 15

Many organisations have long serving employees who are now struggling to do all of the jobs they were hired to do. They are fearful of retirement but present high legal risks in the organisation.

These employees hold valuable knowledge of the organisation, are well-loved and feel they need to keep working.  Managing this cohort is critical to the culture and sustainability of your organisation but the complexities of achieving this respectfully and safely can be a challenge.

This session will explain how to develop an appropriate strategy to deal with the complex issues in this space and how best to create and implement your action plan.

What will be covered?

• Identifying the employees at risk who are a risk to the organisation
• How to undertake the assessment of risk and simultaneously gain buy-in from the cohort
• What is the complex law around this issue and how to manage the legal risk
• What are the best strategies for marrying this cohort respectfully and safely
• Where do you get help for the employees and what is that help

• The law and how to use it
• The legal, human and organisational risks
• The appropriate strategy to deal with the complex areas in this space and how to create an action plan
• What are the “true” statistics of our aging workforce so you can sensibly plan
• What evidence do you need to start the process, how can you lawfully obtain it and what is the process (particularly around medical assessment)
• What happens if you do nothing or get it wrong

Who could benefit?

• HR/OHS Managers and Consultants
• Senior Operations Employees
• Small Business Owners

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