ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has taken its place as an important item on board meeting agendas. Encompassing all non-financial topics not traditionally captured in financial reporting, ESG allows businesses to understand and manage key risks relating to these areas. Businesses are now faced with the potential for ESG factors to weigh heavily when it comes to future growth opportunities and overall reputation. While there is a lot to take on board, adopting an ESG framework to implement changes in your business will set you up for a sustainable future.

As a firm dedicated to being better each day, we offer a range of services that exist within the ESG framework. As lawyers, we are experts when it comes to corporate governance and compliance. We help clients comply with reporting standards as well as manage risk associated with their people management and workplace obligations. We can also help you with your privacy and data protection policies while ensuring you aren’t at risk of Greenwashing.

We understand the subtle differences required across a broad range of industries, including the key ESG issues currently being faced. Whether you are an agricultural business needing to offset your carbon emissions, a manufacturer implementing eco-friendly packaging or a company with concerns about the structure of your board, Macpherson Kelley can advise and support you.

We also have industry partners that we can refer you to when it comes to matters outside of our specialisation.


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