Accountants are trusted advisors. They’re often the first point of contact for questions about business, wealth management and finances and they care about their clients. It’s impossible to be everything to everyone. If their clients need a legal opinion, accountants need to be confident when they refer their clients and know the lawyer will give them the service and expertise they need.

We work closely with accountants to deliver the specialist legal services their clients require. It can be anything from purchasing a business, to managing a dispute with the ATO, to writing a Will. Our lawyers take a pragmatic approach with an emphasis on strong communication around the deliverables, timing and costs. We build strong relationships with accountants because we understand the importance of working together to deliver on a client’s goals.

recent experience

  • settling ato audit

    An accounting firm referred a high net worth client to Macpherson Kelley to help manage an ATO audit of a significant transaction that happened some years previously. The client was facing a potential tax bill in the millions of dollars. The accountant knew we had experience dealing with ATO audits.

    Our taxation lawyers worked with the accountant and client on a plan of engagement with the ATO. We negotiated a settlement with the ATO for an amount significantly less than what the client could have faced.

  • succession planning

    A major client who ran a successful business had a heart attack and was referred to us by his accountant. During his recovery he wanted to get in place new Wills to ensure it was clear what his partner and children would inherit. We also assisted him in devising a strategy around the succession of his business to one of his sons.

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