Manufacturing is returning to Australia. Following the departure of the car industry and experimenting with production in China, Australian industry is making things again. And small run, niche products like waste systems or food additives are leading the way. Australia’s manufacturers can rarely compete with mass market goods produced cheaply in low cost countries. And they can’t rely on local content rules or a low Australian dollar to make their products cheap for overseas buyers. They need to be smart about what they make and how.

We have a deep understanding of what matters most to Australian manufacturers and what they need to get ahead. Our lawyers are active members of industry groups committed to supporting manufacturers. We smooth their way through red tape so they can get on with what they do best – making things. With our firm starting in the manufacturing hub of Dandenong more than 100 years ago, manufacturing is in our DNA.


we advise manufacturing clients across all areas of expertise, in particular:
contract manufacturing agreements
debt collection and documentation
enterprise agreements and disputes
executive contracts and termination
ip protection
product recall and warranty conditions
supplier agreements and disputes
terms and conditions of supply
union right of entry

what our clients say

“If you are looking for a firm who really understands business, in particular the needs of manufacturers and subsidiaries, a firm who can provide practical, timely and efficient service tailored to your needs, and someone who really wants to partner with your business, then Macpherson Kelley are the best around.” carl bizon former president and managing director trimas corporation
“With a great knowledge of the law but more importantly how to apply it in a business sense. They [Macpherson Kelley] have a wide range of services and their style and industry knowledge of manufacturers is an asset. We have used them on acquisitions, employment issues, trademarks, training on a wide range of issues and a host of contractual matters.” gerry ryan chairman jayco corporation

recent experience

  • 20 years of support

    From disputes with suppliers to company acquisitions, negotiating contracts to employment matters, Macpherson Kelley has been on hand to advise a leading Australian waste disposal company on its legal issues. For more than 20 years the company has called on our expertise in a wide range of commercial areas to help them grow. Our client, which builds large scale waste disposal systems and employs around 100 people, has won numerous industry awards and is an Australian manufacturing success story. The company appreciates our no nonsense approach to providing practical and commercial advice on what they can and cannot do in the business.

  • mixing business and philanthropy

    Hilton Manufacturing is a Victoria-based, family-owned sheet metal manufacturer. They make everything from mufflers to fuel tanks to trailers. They’re also inventors, creating a new traffic signaling system that’s taking Victorian roads by storm. A long-standing Macpherson Kelley client, they’ve called upon us to advise them on all their legal needs – from intellectual property to advising on the hiring of a new CEO, from structuring the business to succession planning when it was time to pass the business to the next generation. The family is also deeply involved in philanthropic causes that support their local community. Macpherson Kelley has been proud to be able to support the family’s charity work as well as their business.

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