Businesses collect enormous amounts of personal information through their dealings with clients and customers. Privacy laws aim to make sure personal data is only used for proper purposes, and to protect that data against cybersecurity threats from hackers. With business now increasingly global, companies need to be aware of the privacy obligations they face in the countries they operate in and how to meet them.

Macpherson Kelley is part of the global PrivacyRules network of law firms advising on privacy law. Our lawyers understand the complexities of privacy law around the world and simplify it for our clients. Clients don’t need to be overwhelmed by what privacy laws demand. As long as they have policies to ensure personal data is protected, compliance is painless. We make it practical, less complex, and train staff so they know how to keep personal information private.


  • Access to information assessments and responses
  • Data breach response plans and notifications
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) advice
  • Privacy act compliance programs
  • Privacy act workshops and training sessions
  • Privacy documentation

recent experience

  • improved privacy policies after audit

    Travel agencies collect a lot of personal data. They have to, in order to do their job. Names and addresses, passport details and dates of birth are just some of the information they’ll collect as they book your holiday. Ensuring information is safe is a high priority. Macpherson Kelley undertook privacy policy audits for two large travel agency clients and identified improvements that could be made in how they handled personal data, for example, removing identifying information from feedback forms before they were forwarded to service providers.

  • information sharing sparks complaint

    A motor dealer client had an arrangement with a professional photography studio to share contact details of customers who bought a luxury car so they could offer them a free photo session. After a customer complained about her contact details being given unknowingly to the photographer, we recommended the client change its practice around how it offered the photo session. The advice was focused on avoiding the element of unwanted surprise. The client could either tell customers their details would be passed on to the photographer or they could provide the photographer’s details and customers could take up the offer themselves if they wanted to.

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