Internal Investigations: Who, When + How

Duration: 3 hours
Max Participants: 15

The workplace is changing and managing internal investigations properly has become increasingly important to avoid costly compensation claims.

A rising number of employees are using organisational grievance or complaints processes to stop performance management.

They are bringing adverse action claims alleging flawed investigations and workers compensation claims are being accepted because of errors in the investigations process.

As managers, it has never been more important to understand the legal requirements and processes for investigations to ensure you are meeting your obligations and are protecting your business.

This session will explain how to identify when an investigation is required and if so, how to carry it out.

What will be covered?

• How to make sense of the complex law around investigation
• The decision point of when do we investigate and if so, should it be internal or external
• What an investigation report should look like and your choices around recommendations
• How to map out a fail safe process to investigate using our detailed booklet that explains each step and provides you with key scripts, letters and an investigations spreadsheet
• The key policies and procedures your organisation needs to ensure the investigation is undertaken legally

Who could benefit?

• HR/OHS Managers and Consultants
• Senior Operations Employees
• Small Business Owners

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