Our Business School

The establishment of the Macpherson Kelley Business School, our learning facility for staff, means your development is a key priority for us.

A key purpose at Macpherson Kelley is to help our people realise their potential.

In support of this, our Business School was established in 2015 to be a strategic point of difference providing quality learning and development opportunities to staff.

The Macpherson Kelley Business School upholds the belief that learning must be practical and grounded. With a learning curriculum that aligns with our company strategy, it includes programs that are both formal (workshop) & informal (learning from others/on the job).

For our formal learning programs, the MK Business School tailors its programs to support all five of the capability areas, at different career levels, so you can continue to develop through your career at Macpherson Kelley.

The capabilities cover five areas with a strong central business focus. Our MK Business School supports the development of these capabilities.

The aim of the Business School is twofold:

  1. Provide learning opportunities that develop our lawyer’s capabilities across our five core areas so they can deliver the client experience and outcomes we want.
  2. It is an opportunity to engage, attract and retain talented lawyers.