Promotions at Macpherson Kelley – New Principal and Special Counsel

Macpherson Kelley is pleased to announce significant promotions in its tax team.

Craig Gibson has been promoted to Principal and Carlos Barros has been promoted to Special Counsel.

“Craig and Carlos are outstanding tax lawyers. Their experience and dedication to delivering for clients made promoting them an easy decision,” Macpherson Kelley CEO Steve Parker said.

Craig joined Macpherson Kelley in 2017 and has a special interest in property development and the not-for-profit sector.

In the property development space, Craig’s skills come to the fore when structuring a transaction or development and managing the CGT, GST, stamp duty and land tax issues. In the not-for-profit space, Craig has in depth expertise advising educational institutions, charities and religious institutions. His skills extend to establishing schools, higher education institutions and charities.

Carlos was a senior ATO executive before joining Macpherson Kelley in 2018.

He specialises in property development, managed investment schemes, foreign investment and inbound transactions, multi-national tax structuring and managing tax disputes. Carlos is also a member of the ATO Property and Construction forum.

His unique insights into ATO processes are an asset to the firm and clients.