The Macpherson Kelley Foundation

The Macpherson Kelley Foundation exists for two key purposes. The first is to enable the firm to create a meaningful and effective way to engage with and assist our local community and give back to causes we are passionate about. The second key purpose is to provide a vehicle for our clients, their families, referral partners and businesses to do the same; providing financial and other support to communities in need. Individuals and entities are now be able to establish their own named ‘sub fund’ within the Macpherson Kelley Foundation framework.

Each sub fund will, within legislative guidelines and with our assistance, support their own preferred causes in an easy and tax efficient manner. Establishing a stand-alone charitable entity can be costly and complex process. The Macpherson Kelley Foundation gives clients, their families, referral partners and businesses a simpler and more effective way of allocating funds to causes that they are passionate about.

How can a sub fund benefit me and my family?

It can sometimes be difficult to know which charities to donate to and which causes to support. Often people have funds available and would like to make a difference but they don’t know where to begin. Setting up a sub fund for yourself or your family creates a straightforward and easy way for you to set aside funds to benefit those causes that you wish to support, without the unnecessary burden of setting up and managing your own stand-alone charitable entity.

A sub fund can also assist with estate planning, ensuring that your legacy lives on and your funds  continue to support your chosen causes in the event of your incapacity or death.

How can a sub fund benefit my business and employees?

A named sub fund can provide an opportunity for your business to connect with important social and community issues. There may also be the option to establish a workplace giving program where employees can authorise regular pre-tax payroll deductions into the sub fund to support charities aligned with the mission statement and values of your business. We can also assist you in this regard having recently established our own internal Workplace Giving program. Charitable giving as a team can result in increased morale and engagement, giving your team a sense of generosity and achievement.

Macpherson Kelley Philanthropic Services include:

  • Working with clients/families to gain an understanding of philanthropic intent
  • Assisting in creating a values driven philanthropic mission statement
  • Advising in respect of various philanthropic options available
  • Identifying appropriate legal/ giving structure
  • Preparation of appropriate legal documentation
  • Advising in respect of meeting ongoing legal and compliance requirements
  • Applications to ATO and ACNC for endorsement
  • Identifying and evaluating Charities aligned with identified causes
  • Developing grant-making policy

More information

For more information about the Macpherson Kelley Foundation and how to create a sub fund, please click here to download our information guide. You can also contact Jo Hasting, Special Counsel – Foundation, Philanthropy and Community Engagement.