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We understand that the real estate agent industry has its own unique culture, language, set of accepted norms and drivers. Macpherson Kelley have experience and an in-depth understanding of the industry and how it operates. We know what matters to you and we know how to deliver it. Providing advice to the real estate industry requires not only a thorough knowledge of the relevant law, but an ability to provide realistic advice to “get the job done” on time. We have a track record of meeting tight deadlines and have the capacity to prioritise your urgent work in order to provide timely advice

For real estate agents, the industry is becoming more complex and sophisticated, we can help cut through this confusion. The real estate and property development trends are evolving; Australia’s population is growing; local demographics are changing; and funding is coming from previously untapped or uncommon funding options.

Macpherson Kelley offers direction and support for real estate agents when it comes to the law. We can assist in relation to clients and transactions but also with the general operations of a real estate agency and the everyday challenges that present themselves, such as governance and Employment, Safety and Migration, succession issues, commercial law and tax compliance. Ensuring that each aspect of your business is compliant, we can help lower overheads and eliminate improper practices.

Recent Experience

Major Melbourne Real Estate Agency – Aquisition

Acted in the acquisition of the business of one of the oldest and biggest authority portfolios (incorporating a diverse mix of asset type). In combining the businesses, our client became the largest agency in Melbourne.

Real Estate Agency – Rental Roll Sale

Acted on the sale of a large suburban rent roll to a leading development company and advised on a long term management and referral structure in relation to the on-going conduct of the rent roll and a unique commercial alignment of the respective businesses.

Real Estate Agency - Consumer Affairs Victoria Advice

Acted for an agency in respect of defending and resisting notices issues by Consumer Affairs Victoria in respect of alleged ‘under quoting’ activities.

Real Estate Agency - Restructure

Advised on restructure of their operations and the addition or removal of shareholders into (or out of) the business.

Areas of expertise


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