For over 40 years’, Gerard has been advising businesses on transactional and contract matters which confront them from day to day. His expertise ranges from mergers and acquisitions, structures, international trade, banking and finance, directors’ indemnity and duties, corporations law, shareholder disputes, corporate governance and compliance.

"For me, it’s more than just a transaction. It’s about entrenching yourself with the client and imparting knowledge and wisdom."

Significant matters

Australian manufacturer and supplier – in the sale of its corrosion preventative and sealing business division to an international buyer. Because it was a sale of a division only, the deal was particularly sensitive in the ongoing use by the client of, and the handover of, websites.

Australian point of sale printing company –in its sale to an ASX listed company. Apart from conducting its own business, the client held shareholdings in various other suppliers. The deal involved a complicated earn out formulae and supplier shareholder agreement

Australian mortgage broker – in navigating the maze of Australian law to create legitimate structures and products to facilitate a ‘significant investor’ investment into the company by international visa applicants.

Barrister and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia

Post Graduate Diploma of Commercial Law, Monash University

Accredited Business Law Specialist

Accredited Associate, Australian Compliance Institute

Notary Public

Law Council of Australia
Board member, ASX listed SDI Limited
Former Secretary, LawAsia
Former member, Business Law Advisory Committee (LIV)

  • Asset Protection
  • Banking and Finance Security
  • Buying/Selling Businesses
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Structures and Restructures
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance
  • Directors Duties
  • Distribution/Agency
  • International Trade
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Shariah Law
  • Trading terms and documents

Overview of Changes to Associations Incorporation Act 1981 July 1988
New Product Liability Law 1992
Directors Duties 1992
Some Current Issues in Banking Security Documentation – an Australian perspective – Fiji Business LawAsia Convention June 1993
The Vienna Convention – Speech for Non-Lawyer Business Organisations (Western Port Export Foundation) 24 November 1995
Foreign Investment Law of India (Subset of MOSEDG) 1996
International Contracts with Taiwan (Subset of MOSEDG) 1996
The Vienna Convention – Speech for Non-Lawyer Business Organisations (Subset of MOSEDG) 1997
The Vienna Convention – An international trap for local players – LIJ June 1997
The Vienna Convention – Speech for Non-Lawyer Business Organisations for the Croatian Consulate 7 July 1997
Indonesian Taxation Overview – FIT – guest lecturer 1998
Legal Systems in Asia – FIT – guest lecturer 1998
Chinese Law – FIT – guest lecturer 1998
Securing Credit Risk in Asia – For Asian Century 18 February 1998
International Joint Venture Workshop (Footscray Institute of Technology) (“FIT”) – guest lecturer March 1998
Vienna Convention Article for “Asian Lawyer/Business LawAsia” magazine May 1998
The Employment Law Guide for Business 1999
Business Names and incorporated Associations – Leo Cussen 2001
Liabilities of Committee and Officers of an Incorporated Association – South East Networks Presentation November 2001
Directors’ Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities (with Institute of Company Directors) 28 May 2002
Personal liability of Directors and other Company Officers – Monash (Peninsula) 9 October 2002
Sales and purchases of business-Australian Manufacturing Technology magazine (AMT July 2011
Foreign Affairs and Trade Sanctions AMT Late 2010 and June 2012

In search of financial reporting relief – Reports and Having Reports Audited – LIJ August 2003
Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance – What is it? What’s in it for lawyers? – Accredited Business Specialists Study Group March 2005
Case Study of an Australian-Chinese Joint Venture May 2005
International Trade Law Section of Law Council of Australia May 2005
Continuous Disclosure July 2005
Shareholder Agreements and Succession Arrangements November 2005
Due Diligence Paper February 2006
Directors and Officers Insurance (together with Liberty International underwrite) – Kooyong 6 March 2007
CEO Guide to Business Contracts (Seminar) 9 October 2007
Starting up business in Australia for New Zealand business people – Langham Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand 22 November 2007
Islamic Finance Seminar – Islamic Banking Colloquium 2008
Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies Symposium – Islamic Financial Services – What Role for Australia 21 November 2008
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The Building Blocks for Practical Islamic Finance – The Law Institute of Victoria 2010
Business Sales and Private Equity are Back in Town – Article for Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine May 2010
Shariah Financing in Australia June 2010

Internal/External Flyers and Papers

• Corporate Governments Practice – Directors Duties
• On Guard International Trade Contracts
• Corporate Veil pierced yet again
• Out goes annual return
• Audit Relief – November 2002
• Further clarification to the Statutory defence to Voidable Transactions – October 2003
• Compliance Planning and Risk Management – April 2004
• Personal Liability of Directors and Officers of a Company – July 2004
• Managing a Successful Acquisition – April 2005
• Directors Duties – May 2005
• Company Directors and Other Officers – June 2006
• Directors Personal Liability for Employee Entitlements – November 2007
• Risk Management is an Integral Part of Corporate Governance – February 2010
• Market Value, Fair Value and Fair Market Value – May 2010

Professional Services
Professional Services

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