Cathy Russo

managing principal lawyer - brisbane, commercial

Daniel Wignall

principal lawyer, litigation and dispute resolution

Dominic Moon

principal lawyer, commercial | tax

Esteban Gomez

principal lawyer, commercial

John Ioannou

principal lawyer and national head of tax commercial | tax

John-Anthony Hodgens

principal lawyer, employment, safety and migration

Mark Metzeling

principal lawyer, commercial

Melanie Gebbels

principal lawyer, property and construction

Victor Borzillo

principal lawyer and national head of group construction, infrastructure and energy

Mark Hallett

business consultant, commercial and property

Ralph Praeger

consultant, property and construction

Alan Girle

special counsel, employment, safety and migration

Andrew Kidu

special counsel, commercial | pln

Ben Webster

special counsel, property and construction

Christian Dreyer

special counsel, litigation and dispute resolution

Elizabeth Allen

special counsel, commercial | tax

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